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Are you looking to attract new talent or develop your existing employees?

MP Skills are proud to offer a flexible, employer-led mobile & static plant apprenticeship; available for both levy and non-levy paying employers.

There's never been a better time for SME's to take advantage of apprenticeships

SMEs/non-levy employers can enrol learners onto our apprenticeship and receive up to 90% of the training costs through public funding. This means that an SME will only pay c.£900 to train an apprentice using our apprenticeship! Find out more here.

What are the benefits of this apprenticeship to employers?

  • Utilise your Apprenticeship Levy funds - up to £9k available
  • Have the option to deliver an apprenticeship that is bespoke to your business' needs
  • Attract new talent into our sector
  • Develop existing employees or train new apprentices
  • Maximise the use of public funding (non-levy payers) - claim up to 90% of £9k from public funding
  • Develop the next generation
  • MP Skills are a well-known and trusted industry specialist provider
  • Gain skilled operators who have the potential and skill to move both your organisation and the industry into the future

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If you have any questions or wish to find out more please contact our dedicated team on 0115 983 5755. Alternatively you can also send us a message.