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Course of the Month: The Quarries Regulations and ACOP



The Quarries Regulations 1999 are intended to protect the health and safety of people working at a quarry and others who may be affected by quarrying activities. They apply to both employers and the self-employed. They are also intended to safeguard people not working at the quarry (e.g those living, passing or working nearby, or visiting, for example, to buy materials).

It is important to remember that a legal duty under one of these regulations can not be passed on to someone else by means of a contract. For example, an operator who appoints a contractor as explosives supervisor still has the ultimate legal responsibility under regulation 25 to ensure that explosives work is carried out safely. (Contents provided by the
HSE, Health and safety at quarries, Quarries Regulations 1999).

This is where we come in! MP Skills offers a 2-day interactive course, covering The Quarry Regulations and the Approved Code of Practice. The course is essential for people who are responsible for or interested in the application of the regulations. Within this course, we provide individuals with an understanding of their guidance and legal status.

Attendees will become familiar with the structure of the regulations, and the ACOP with respect to the inspections at the surface mineral operations or plants.
By the end of this engaging course, attendees will be able to navigate the regulations and ACOP in greater detail than before and be able to find and understand the information required within the quarrying and extracting environment.

We have received multiple positive reviews regarding this course, such as attendees telling us that 'it's a fun course to be on, with good interactivity' and that our 'blockbusters game was really fun!'

Not only will delegates enjoy this fun-packed interactive course, but they will also learn the structure of the regulations and supporting information.

The course covers an array of topics such as:

  • Understanding of the interaction between the Health and Safety at Work Act and secondary legislation.
  • Navigating the Quarries Regulations.
  • Interpretation and general matters.
  • Health and safety management.
  • Risk control.
  • Explosives.
  • Excavations and tips.
  • Duties of employers and participation and duties of persons at work.
  • Repeals, modifications and revocations.

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To find out more about this or any of our courses, simply give MP Skills a call on 0115 983 57 55.