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MP Skills are proud to present the Truckmixer Awareness CPC course


In one of the most commercially pressurised sectors, safety can often suffer.

Did you know that 85% of serious accidents involving Truckmixers occur en route to the site? These can be the result of a variety of reasons but DRIVER MISTAKES can be the most serious.

By focusing on reducing unsafe driving and the dangers of driving stressed, fatigued, or complacently the TRUCKMIXER AWARENESS course from MP Skills, created in conjunction with UK Truckmixer Training, aims to bring the number of accidents involving these vehicles down.

There's nothing quite like a Truckmixers on UK roads so drivers need specialised and specific competency training to meet the challenge of driving them safely. With that in mind, our course includes:

- Vehicle Familiarisation and The Role of a Truck Mixer Driver

- Vehicle Handling and Rollover Prevention

- Loading & Unloading

- Site Safety

- Situational Awareness

Because it’s so vital to managing risk on the road, the TRUCKMIXER AWARENESS course also offers candidates 7 hours of CPC upon completion.

Still not convinced? Here’s what recent participants have had to say about the TRUCKMIXER AWARENESS course:

“Without a doubt the best CPC course I have attended…EVER.”

“Very informative, great lesson and I’m a Tipper driver!”

“Great CPC Course, never thought I’d say that!”

To book a place on our next Truckmixer Awareness Course click here or call 0115 983 5755.