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Mental Health First Aid (Adult)

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2 Day

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone at any level who is interested in becoming a qualified mental health first aider for adults.


This course will teach you how to identify, understand and help those who may be experiencing mental health issues.
To enable you to recognise warning signs of mental ill health, develop the skills and confidence to approach the situation.
Learn how to empower somone to access the support they might need for recovery or successful managment of symptoms
Gain understanding of how to support positive wellbeing and tackle stigma in the work around you


Day 1: AM
Why mental health first aid?
What is mental health and the mental health action plan
Impact of mental health issues
Stigma and discrimination
What is depression?
Risk factors for depression and depression in the workplace

Day 1: PM
Suicide figures
Alcohol, Drugs and mental health
First aid for suicidal crisis
Non-judgemental listening skills
First aid for depression, treatment and resources for depressions

Day 2: AM
First aid for anxiety disorder
Crisis first aid after traumatic event
Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders
Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders
Cognitive distortions and CBT
Personality and eating disorders

Day 2: PM
What is psychosis and the risk factors for psychosis
Alcohol, drugs and psychosis
Bipolar disorder
Warning signs of developing psychosis
Crisis first aid for accurate psychosis
Recovery and building resources
Action planning for using mental health first aid

Number of delegates

Minimum 6 delegates, Maximum 12

Duration and Delivery Options

Based in a training room
The course is divided into 4 manageable sessions over 2 days
Short lectures
Group discussions

Contact Details

For further details or to make a booking, contact the team on 0115 983 6580 or email: enquiries@mpskills.co.uk

28/05/2019 2 Day Eastwood, Nottingham Fully Booked
05/06/2019 2 Day Eastwood, Nottingham Fully Booked
27/06/2019 2 Day Eastwood, Nottingham Enquire
23/07/2019 2 Day Eastwood, Nottingham Enquire
02/10/2019 2 Day Eastwood, Nottingham Enquire