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10 Years at MPQC: Maggi Pelling

Posted by: fwk_digital

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Posted 21.05.20

1. How did you find out about MPQC? What made you want to apply for a role within the business?

I originally heard about MPQC through an agency. The job that was advertised instantly grabbed my attention as I enjoy varied roles within a job. Back then, MPQC was one entity, and MP Skills hadn’t been created as a division within the company yet.

2. What did your role involve prior to joining MPQC? Were there any similarities in your previous role compared to your first role at MPQC?

Before joining MPQC I worked as a Business Development Manager for a finance company, so my skills were highly transferrable. However, I wasn’t looking for another management role, I was looking for new challenges. I originally joined MPQC as a temp doing administration, so when started I certainly didn’t think that I’d still be here 10 years later!

3. What does your current role of Business Development Coordinator involve?

My current role revolves mainly around sales. This role really works to my strengths as it requires the ability to organise my own work plan. I also identify targets, liaise with all my team members and maintain regular contact with MPQC members and potential members.

4. Have you been in multiple different roles at MPQC over the years? If so, how have they differed?

When I first started in my administrator role there was certainly no sales involved. Gradually over the years, people within the company recommended me for a sales role as they had noticed how I was able to build up strong relationships with customers swiftly and effectively. My role within MPQC eventually became more sales orientated, this allowed my knowledge of the business to broaden too.

5. Over the years, the dynamic and structure of MPQC have changed substantially, such as MPQC moving locations, the team expanding, and the way that MPQC operates compared to ten years ago. What’s your approach to adapting to these changes?

Within the last ten years, I have moved office location three times with MPQC. Since then the team has continued to expand along with the business. I’m adaptable to changes in general and I definitely enjoy the growth and development that comes along with it.

6. What challenges have you faced within the last ten years? Do have any advice you’d give for someone overcoming their own challenges?

Within the last ten years, I have dealt with many challenges such as taking on new responsibilities, and also coming up with and creating new solutions for the team at pressuring times.

7. If you could go back in time ten years ago, is there anything you’d do differently?

I can’t think of anything specific that I would change. However when I first started, during the first week I accidentally broke the CEO’s favourite mug! Luckily he was a nice guy who wasn’t too bothered about the mug, so maybe I’d be more cautious with his mug if was to start from the beginning again!

8. Within the last ten years, do you think the industry has become a safer or more dangerous place to work in?

There is always room for improvement where safety is concerned. I feel that safety training does have an impact on how our industry carries out day to day work on-site. The main thing is that the safety of the individual in our industry continues to improve in order to avoid accidents and incidents.

9. Why do you think that MP Skills (MPQC) is still relevant ten years later?

MP Skills has a great reputation within the industry, from day one their aim has always been to prioritise the safety of the industry, and they have carried on doing so, whilst expanding their services substantially.

10. Do you have a favourite memory that stands out within the last ten years of working at MPQC?

I can’t think of one that stands out over the rest, I have so many great memories from working at MPQC over years, it’d be impossible for me to choose!

From all the staff at MPQC,

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment over the years Maggi,

and here’s to ten more!


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