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FAQ’s: Driver Skills (CPC) Webinars

Posted by: fwk_digital

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Posted 01.06.20

During the Covid 19 period, whilst we are limited in delivering group training we are looking to take the following steps to maintain the MPQC Driver Skills Card Scheme on behalf of the industry.

What is a webinar?

By definition, a webinar is an engaging online event using video conference software, where a speaker, or a small group of speakers delivers a presentation to an audience who participate.

What happens to MPQC cards which are about to or have recently expired?

MPQC now have a webinar version of the Site Safety Awareness course available therefore attendees should attend the webinar to ensure their card does not expire.

What provision is there for new attendees or those who’s MPQC Driver Skills Card expired prior to 13 March 2020?

A webinar version of the course is now available as an interim measure, this incorporates an on-line assessment. On successful completion of the assessment and meeting the required pass mark, attendees will be issued with a “MPQC Driver Skills Card” which will be valid for the normal 5 years.

What additional information will attendees need to submit for the issue of the card?

Attendees will be requested to submit a photo of themselves, front/back driving licence and DQC Driver Qualification card by email as well. This is to be submitted prior to the webinar taking place; however, to note this information is only for identification purposes and not for checking of authenticity. Employers will need to ensure that the attendees have the correct licence entitlements. Note: We cannot allow the candidate access onto the webinar if they have not provided these documents.

Will there be a charge for the webinar course?

The fee for the webinar per person will vary depending on your membership status, please contact the office on 0115 983 57 55 to discuss further.

How will attendees’ book onto the webinar course?

Attendees themselves or their employer can book spaces on the webinar by contacting the MP Skills office on 0115 983 57 55. Alternately anyone can book online by following the below link.

All attendees must have their own individual email addresses to access the webinar course.

Courses are paid for in advance and are non-transferable or refundable. Failure to provide the appropriate documentation or ID in advance or on the webinar will mean that no CPC upload is carried out.

Can I make changes to my booking?

Bookings are non-transferable and refundable once booked however you can do a name change up to 1300 hours the day before the course (Exception Sunday and Monday courses – changes can be made up until 1300 hours on the Friday as the office is closed over the weekends).

Why do you require my National Insurance Number at the time of booking/before the course date?

We require this information as any training completed with MPQC will be registered under this number as this is a unique identity number. This is recorded for MPQC only and will not be shared with any 3rd parties.

How will attendees register for the webinar course?

Joining instructions with the access information will be sent to attendees 48hrs prior to the course taking place, providing that the attendee has sent all required photos to the office.

How long will it take an attendee to complete the webinar course?

This depends on the option that the attendee has chosen. The webinar version of the course will be 2 x 3.5 hour sessions (plus registration, breaks and assessment) or a full 7 hour session (plus registration, breaks and assessment). Registration and ID checks will be carried out at the start of each session and recorded on the course control sheet. Will MPQC be checking attendees requirements for CPC? Yes, the registration process is required the same as it is for normal face to face training. Attendees are required to send photos as explained above and they must also attend the webinar with their licence and CPC card.

How will MPQC know that the driver has completed the webinar?

MPQC will take all possible steps to verify the identity of the driver and ask the driver to validate that it is he or she who has completed the webinar and assessment. There will be a host in attendance of the webinar ensuring all attendees are participating as they should be.

As with the face to face training the webinar will only be available in English. A basic level understanding of English is required to be able to participate in the course and to have a basic understanding of safety. The course and assessment are in English, no translators or interpreters are permitted on the course.

Will the webinar course be the same as the face to face?

The course content will be the same as the face to face training, the exercises will be adjusted to meet the same objectives however as there is a lot of group activity in our standard course we will adapt the exercises as appropriate for webinar delivery.

How will loss of connection be managed?

A loss of connection is a potential issue for everyone involved in webinars. A short term loss of connection for the trainer would lead to the course being paused while the issue is dealt with. If at any point the trainer/presenter or the host loses connection, the remaining “controller” of the course will inform the attendees, to wait patiently until reconnection is achieved. A longer term issue would lead to rescheduling of the training to begin where the first attempt ended possibly with an alternative trainer if available. In relation to attendees’ broadband, attendees will be advised of the requirements in advance of the webinar and also the course host will monitor this and make notes on participation and connectivity. If an attendee has consistently poor connectivity and subsequently misses sections of the course CPC hours will not be recorded or uploaded and the course control sheet updated to reflect this.

Will attendees be able to complete the webinar on a mobile device?

The webinar is only compatible with desktop computers and laptops, attendees will not be able to complete the webinar on mobile telephones or tablets. The minimum system requirements are: (Intel or comparative Dual-Core CPU, 2GB RAM recommended), with a functioning webcam either with built in or independent microphone. When prompted to install Cisco WebEx desktop app, the attendee is encouraged to allow this installation as it will ensure maximum compatibility.

Can attendees sit the webinar more than once?

If attendees fail the assessment, then they will be able to sit the webinar one more time. If the assessment is failed a second time, then the attendee must complete the classroom face to face course so that knowledge and understanding can be validated.

If I have learning difficulties will the trainer be aware of this?

Please advise the team at the time of booking of any learning difficulties, we will inform the trainer of your situation and he/she will be able to talk things through with you, in a discreet manner, and offer further support and allow additional time for the assessment. We would recommend that you also speak to the trainer on the day so that he/she is aware.

Will attendees know if they have passed the assessment?

You will be notified if you have passed or failed the assessment. You will be required to score 20 out of 25 to pass the assessment. Why is there an assessment for the Driver Skills Card Assessment? The assessment is in addition to the CPC Course and takes place outside the 7 hours. Successful completion of the assessment 80% pass rate leads to the issue of the Driver Skills Card which is valid for 5 years from the course date.

Will I receive CPC hours for the webinar?

Yes as long as they have the correct entitlement and they attend/participate in the full 7hrs of the course. This will be monitored closely by the host in the webinar.

If I have a foreign driving licence can I still attend the course and have my CPC hours uploaded?

As long as you have the correct category of licence and take the correct identity evidence to the course which is all listed on your booking confirmation, you can still attend the course and you will be required to fill in a separate form so that we can upload the hours for you.

How long will it be before I receive the Driver Skills Card?

This depends on demand, however we do anticipate that we will be able to distribute the cards within 10 working days.

How will attendees know when the face to face courses are available again?

We suggest that attendees follow us on social media as we will keep social media and the website updated. Once the Driver Skills Team is back fully functioning we will contact all those who have taken the webinar, we will recommence our email marketing and also contact all those who have emailed requests through to [email protected]

Will I receive a CPC certificate?

Yes, the CPC certificate will be sent with the Driver Skills Card to whoever makes payment for the course. This is providing the attendee has the correct entitlement and completes the full 7 hours of the course.

Will I receive an MPA booklet?

Yes, the MPA booklet will be sent with the CPC certificate and Driver Skills Card to whoever makes payment for the course.

What if an attendee was booked on a course which had to be postponed due to Covid 19?

Attendees or the person who booked the courses on behalf of the attendees will be contacted by the office to get booked onto the webinar. There will be no charge for the webinar as attendees have already paid.

I have lost my Drivers Skills Card can I get a replacement card?

Yes, you can there is a fee for a replacement card however contact the team and they can arrange a replacement for you.

What will the webinar MPQC Driver Skills Card look like?

The card will look the same as when you have attended the normal face to face training.

I have completed my 35 hours periodic training, can I still attend the course?

Yes, although we will not be able to upload your hours if you have already achieved your 35 hours –it is not possible to bank hours.

I have a provisional licence can I attend the course?

You can attend the course and if you pass the assessment you will be issued with a certificate of attendance in place of the Driver Skills Card, once you have passed and have a full licence contact the team and once we have evidence we will replace your certificate with the Driver Skills Card. You will not however receive the CPC hours as you did not have the correct entitlement for CPC hours when you sat the course.

What if I have a query in the meantime?

You may contact the office on 0115 9835755 or email [email protected]

From everyone at MP Skills, please take care, stay safe and thank you for your ongoing support and understanding at this very challenging time. For the latest updates and news follow us on social media or visit the website!


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