Intermediate Level Geotechnical Knowledge

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Geotechnical Qualifications
Intermediate Level Geotechnical Knowledge
The Intermediate Level Geotechnical Knowledge is a Level 3 course aimed at those who are appointed under the Quarry Regulations 1999. The course covers how to be safe, and aware throughout the inspection of excavations, tips and stockpiles. The webinar variant of this course is only available by LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, please note that smart devices such as phones or tablet are not permittable for our courses.
Who Should Attend?
This course is primarily aimed at personnel who require further knowledge on the procedures when inspecting excavations, tips and stockpiles. The Intermediate Geotechnical course also supports supervisors. This course must be completed before attempting the Advanced Level Geotechnical Knowledge course.
The aims of this course are to provide course attenders with the knowledge and skill required to understand and carry out their on site responsibilities and to help implement safe working procedures. This course also grants the ability to conduct routine workplace inspections.
The content of the Intermediate Level Geotechnical Knowledge course primarily highlights causes of hazards and how they may be solved. The course covers: Causes of instability in rock slopes - Causes of instability in soil slopes - Causes of instability in stockpiles - Rockfall and control measures - Inspections and record keeping - Geotechnical assessments.
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