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Driver (CPC)
Act Safe, Stay Safe
Who Should Attend?
Any individual in any organisation who are commercial drivers and driving is the main activity of their working day. The course will help individuals understand the legal requirements for attending Driver CPC courses and improve knowledge of the requirements to follow rules and keep records of work activities. The ultimate goal is to improve the skills and attitudes of drivers and promote transport safety.
To provide individuals with: - An understanding of the licencing process and the categories of vehicles an individual can drive - An understanding of the requirements to accurately record work activities on a tachograph recorder - An understanding of the driver’s hours rules for driving commercial vehicles. Including EU and Domestic rules. - Knowledge of the effects on the driver after consuming alcohol / drugs. - An understanding of the consequences of being caught driving whilst under the influence of alcohol / drugs - Understand the costs to the driver, companies, and the industry of road traffic incidents. - Be speed aware, know the limits for different vehicles on our roads and the effects of exceeding the speed limits
The course includes: - Driver licencing, vehicle categories and restriction codes - Driver’s tachograph cards, recording equipment, and best practice to stay within the law - A refresh/ look at driver’s hours rules covering EU and Domestic rules - Cost of incidents. Including the statistic and probability of being involved in a road collision - Developing skills and attitudes to reduce risks when driving - Developing skills to know when you are safe to drive after consuming alcohol or drugs - Deal with incidents, calling for assistance, and confidence to prioritise help - Speed awareness and changing attitudes to speeding
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